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EXPERT G3 Training Program

Sun protection, visual comfort and temperature reduction
Installations, schedules and technical maintenance
Quality of life, comfort, decoration and practicality
More efficient technical and sales teams
Residential, commercial and corporate environments
Artificial intelligence, economics, security and automation
Revolutionary technology that is already part of our DNA


Train your team as specialists in the areas of sales, installation and maintenance of curtains, blinds, ceiling and automated awnings with multichannel remote control drive, smartphone, voice control, sun/wind/rain sensor with solar recharge and integration with home automation systems.

Technical knowledge:

Know, understand and specialize with the characteristics, functionalities and drive systems of the engine solutions available in the market of technology in sun protection and decoration.
Perform schedules, corrective and preventive maintenance, implementing agility in service, reducing the percentage of recall and delivery times, consequently, achieving greater customer satisfaction.
Guide a standard of technical infrastructure for hips, cutters, electrical points, wiring used and integration with home automation. Assertive use of equipment, tools and accessories necessary to carry out the installations of the products.
Schedule the multi-channel remote control units, create, program and execute scenes on the timer, smartphones, voice assistants (Google or Alexa) and guide the integration with automation systems in the models modex, logical, RF and WIFI, as well as adjust end of mechanical or electronic stroke of the engines.
Characteristics of fabrics, fabrics, canvases, blades, clothing, technical limitations, types of pleats used in curtains and finishes such as aluminum profiles, wave tape, bandô, side guides, supports, hooks, clips and accessories.
vendas e marketing

Sales and Marketing:

Train the sales team in relation to technical knowledge of products and services, aligning communication with installers and technology sectors, facilitating the resolution of customer needs, creating partnerships with technical areas such as home automation and guiding consumers in relation to the use and application of the products and services offered.
Understand, create and enjoy marketing tools and social networks in order to apply negotiation techniques and value creation, attracting and maintaining the constant relationship with customers.


Technical training to manufacture motorized rails, reducing the manufacturing time aiming at speed of delivery.
Size, install, program and adjust curtains for ceiling and articulated awnings with sun/wind/rain sensor with solar recharge and safety drive system.


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Salvador Rodrigues Filho, graduated in Aeronautical Sciences with an MBA in Project Management at fundação Getúlio Vargas. Director and founder of Ambiente G3 Cortinas Motorized, passionate about development and technology, guided more than 2000 automation integrators in technical and commercial training in face-to-face mode since 2004.


Contribute to the training of professionals, aiming at the sustainability of the business with innovation, social responsibility, environmental and the well-being of people.



It is a complete course, fully online, that helps you and your team become specialists in curtains, blinds, ceiling and motorized awnings and integration with various drive technologies.

Training is 100% online. But you can and should participate in the Workshop Expert G3 live.

You choose the best days and times. All classes are released automatically and you learn in your time. The full course content is available for 1 year.

No simultaneous access to video lessons is allowed but you can attend the training together with your team. This will help you answer questions and put into practice the techniques learned, aligning the information between the areas of sales, installation and planning of the company.

The Expert G3 workshop is a free online meeting, reserved for you and your team to learn more about the opportunities of the technology market in decoration.

You don’t need to have a CNPJ to take the course. You don’t need a CNPJ to start selling either.

Yes. The course is for you who has never worked with curtains and has no idea where to start. The course is also focused on you who already works with curtains, manual or motorized, but want to become an expert in the subject of decor technology. The course is also aimed at home automation integrators, since the products are directly linked to residential technology of the future.

This course was developed by the Ambiente G3 Cortinas Motorized team and based on the experiences accumulated in 20 years in the home automation and decoration technology market.

The automation market grows rapidly in Brazil, inversely proportional to the number of trained professionals. From this perspective, there is a huge opportunity for business generation. Professionals who come out ahead have a tendency to become a reference in the market.

Contact our team at contato@expertg3.com.br or whatsapp +55 (43) 99197-6363.


This data will be used to contact you and make more content and offers available.

For more information, please visit: http://www.expertg3.com.br/politica-de-privacidade/

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